Tropical Margarita - Abode Aroma Intense

Tropical Margarita - Abode Aroma Intense
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Tropical Margarita

When we first stumbled across this brand of candle we were so excited and we think their products are a perfect fit for our store. In the Intense collection, Abode Aroma has created fragrances full of fun, bright tropical aromas that will fill your house with their intense amount of scent.

With twin wicks and a large 450g size, this range is one of the best value scented candles in the market. The Abode Aroma Tropical Margarita Intense Scented Soy Candle is less fruity than the others in this range but it doesn't lack any of the punch with the kind of refreshing smell you get from freshly cut lime. The glass jar features a sleek silver lid. The candle comes unboxed which keeps this amazing candle at a great price point for every day burning. 

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