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What beach lover isn't amazed at the beauty of coral? So delicate and intricately formed. This set of 5 will consist of different types of coral pieces in different sizes and shapes picked at random so you can enjoy a beautiful selection to add to your collection.

**Coral available for Australian Residents Only**
If you attempt to send overseas, this coral will be confiscated

Mindful Sourcing of Coral:

We support the company that supports the oceans. My supplier is an Australian world-class fishery guaranteeing that our coral is ecologically sustainable.

Their Story and How our Coral is Sourced and Sustained:

As pioneering coral harvesters in Queensland since 1957, we focus exclusively on the sustainable wholesale supply of fast-growing and abundant white coral specimens, harvested from the Great Barrier Reef. Since 1997 we have worked in close collaboration with senior fishery managers and scientists from Fisheries Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority to ensure that coral harvesting will be a sustainable fishery well into the future. Crucial to this is our voluntary commitment to an industry Stewardship Action Plan to adapt responsibly to working in a marine environment that will be significantly altered in the future by climate change. We also contribute to scientific coral research projects and participation in government initiatives that benefit the long-term management, health and resilience of the Great Barrier Reef.

In 2006, the fishery was recognised by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority as the most sustainable fishery on the Great Barrier Reef. In November 2008, the fishery was presented as an example of the world’s best practice in ecologically sustainable fisheries management to the International Expert Workshop on CITES Non-Detriment Findings held in Cancun Mexico. Over one third of the Great Barrier Reef is protected by Marine Park zoning. We harvest by hand a strictly limited quota of abundant, fast-growing corals from broad reef areas in specific reef zones. Only small numbers of corals of a limited size and premium quality are selected from each site and the majority of the coral is left intact.

It is estimated that the Great Barrier Reef accumulates an extra five million tonnes of coral per year. Our annual harvest of coral is an extremely small portion of this annual coral growth and is insignificant when compared with the impacts of natural events such as storms, cyclones and predation by crown-of-thorns starfish. After harvesting, coral will regenerate from the base or larval settlement and growth of a new colony occurs.

Controls on harvesting are achieved through robust management regulations. These include strictly limited licenses, quotas, and zones, prior landing reports, detailed logbook reporting, compliance checks, vessel tracking and scientific ecological risk assessments.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority reports that corals can survive bleaching events and regain their normal healthy colour once conditions improve. However, while the Great Barrier Reef has been extremely resilient in the past, coral reef scientists predict that the increasing incidence and severity of coral bleaching and acidification of the oceans through rising carbon dioxide levels threaten the future of coral reefs worldwide.

To ensure that our harvesting remains responsive to these impacts, we are signatories to a voluntary industry Stewardship Action Plan developed and regularly reviewed in close collaboration with senior fishery managers and coral scientists. The aim of the plan is to develop and document non-regulatory approaches for harvesting coral to world's best practice collection standards, including detailed contingency operational plans for coral bleaching events. In practical terms this includes refraining from the harvest of coral from reef areas that need the opportunity to regenerate after cyclones, flooding, bleaching and other adverse impacts.

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