Salty Kisses Handmade Ceramic Heart
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Beautiful ceramic quote that captures the relaxed beach feel that inspires these gorgeous pieces of art. Handmade right here in Australia using Australian clay and glazes.

The heart is approx 9.5 x 10cm and 0.8cm thick and is imprinted with black text. Featuring driftwood, sea glass and a hand rolled ceramic bead each and every piece is different. You may end up with the word "dream" or "smile" instead of the word that is pictured. You may end up with an azure blue or a clear glass shape rather than the green or yellow. So if you like a little surprise and knowing your piece is unique you will love these gorgeous ceramic quotes.

Add these inspirational quotes around your home or car to inspire you every day or gift this to someone special as a keepsake with a special message in felt tip pen on the back.

We are proud to support small Aussie businesses like Caroline C. If you would like to know more about this wonderful Aussie business, please visit our "Aussies We Support" page.

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