Saltie Soul Mermaid Eggs
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These mermaid egg bath bombs are one of our favourite products. The smell of these bath fizzies is absolutely amazing. Packed in a cute egg carton there are 12 fizzies in all - half an egg is all you need for one bath.
These delightful effervescing sea mineral mermaid eggs will infuse your bath with all the goodness of sea minerals for your body to absorb. These FRUITY FRESH bath fizzies aim to soothe and purify your skin with the added benefits of 100% pure, Pink Grapefruit Oil and cold-pressed Watermelon Seed Oil.  Proudly hand made in Australia, free from synthetic cleansers including SLS/SLES and artificial colours.
Key Ingredients 
Watermelon Seed Oil, Cold-Pressed Pink Grapefruit Oil, Sea Minerals
Smells Like 
Fresh juicy watermelon smashed together with the sweet, zesty aroma of pink grapefruit.
How To Enjoy
Add 1/2 to 1 egg to warm water depending upon the size of your bath and intensity of infusion required, to infuse your bath with sea mineral goodness for your body to absorb. Soak for at least 20 minutes to soothe muscles, cleanse skin and relax the mind. 
Hand Made in Australia | Cruelty Free | Paraben Free | SLS/SLES Free | Vegan Friendly | Mineral Based | Non-GMO | No Artificial Colours | Premium Aromatherapy Oils
Staff review: I had a box opened and the smell permeated the entire house, so much so that even when I had been away all weekend, it was the first thing I could smell when I opened the front door. I also had a box opened outside on holidays while I was making up samples for my customers. It brought people over to ask me what was that incredible smell - even the men wanted to know where that amazing smell was coming from. They also make your skin feel incredibly soft and smooth. I cannot rave about this product enough. 

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