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What kind of coastal style store would we be without some original glass floats? Luckily, we found a wonderful Aussie supplier who collects the real deal. Great for any beach house and widely used to decorate in the Hampton's Style. See below for some great styling shots - not taken by me and purely for inspiration. Credit given where known. 

These are originals and not reproductions! They are more than 40-years old and were once used by fisherman from Hokkaido Island, Japan to support fishing nets out at sea.

The Japanese began using recycled glass to make fishing floats around 1910 & continued until the early 1970's. Today, glass floats are no longer produced for fishing as they have been replaced by plastic ones. Vintage glass floats have now become highly sought after as collector’s items.

These vary in shades of aqua blue/green.  Nets are originals and will also vary in colours.

We stock two sizes:

Small: 5-6cm in diameter - a bit bigger than a golf ball & a little smaller than a tennis ball. 

Large: approx 10cm in diameter (grapefruit sized).


These floats come with ropes so you can choose whether to keep them on or take them off for your personal taste. 

These are original, not reproduction so rope colour and condition may vary slightly from what is shown. They are not perfect but that is what makes them so beautiful. Every single one is an individual and is "Perfectly Imperfect".

We also sell these shell balls 

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