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This ring is not for everyone. The best way I can describe it, is to liken it to the ugly duckling that transforms into a beautiful swan. If you are unfamiliar with labradorite then let me explain. When there is no beam of pure sunlight, labradorite is a dusty, dirty grey colour that looks like angry thunderclouds just before it hails. However, as soon as this remarkable stone captures a beam of sunlight it immediately shimmers to life in iridescent blue of the likes rarely seen in nature. It is like a true hidden treasure. We have done our best to try and capture these two very distinct moods labradorite has in our photos. So please make sure to study them carefully before purchasing this ring to avoid being shocked if you open it on a cloud covered day.

This intriguing stone has been hand cut into a pear shape and sits in a sterling silver setting. Cleverly designed to be adjustable this ring will fit size 8 or larger. The pear cut stone measures approximately 16mm x 12mm.

The Aussie designer of this incredibly beautiful ring donates 10% of profits to marine conservation so I felt it was only right to support her.

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