Welcome to this page which is all about the Amazing Aussie Artisans that we have the pleasure of  showcasing here in our shop.
We are fiercely proud of being Australian and want to show support to those talented people out there that are getting their own businesses off the ground and giving it a go - same as us.  
Below you will find out a little more information about these incredibly talented people. If you are interested in what they have to offer over and above what we have in the shop, I have included contact information for them all. 
If you know someone who is trying to get a business started and what they have to offer suits our shop then send an email to
Beach Road Naturals
Beach Road Naturals is a little family owned boutique bath & body company focused on creating unique products with beautiful ingredients.

Created on Sydney’s picturesque Northern Beaches and inspired by a love for travel and the ocean, all our products are created with carefully selected ingredients to enhance the feel of your skin.
Our formulas are all original Beach Road Naturals creations and are tested on our family and friends, never animals. We have a strong emphasis on Australian, organic and sustainable ingredients and only ever add high quality oils, most of which are sourced directly from Australian Farmers.

Cas is an Artist working from home on the Island State of Tasmania. Currently she’s creating a collection of Prints for Children’s Decor, but also loves to take on Illustration, Portraiture and Commission work. Cas works mostly in Watercolour, Colour Pencil and Graphite.

If you want to commission Cas you can contact her via her Facebook Page

or via Instagram

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IDesign is the wonderful company that has done all the beautiful graphics for my website. Kerry has been very successful with her designs both here and abroad. If you would like to contact Kerry about any projects you have in mind, please email her at 
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Spindrift Collections is the creation of Sydney based designer Natasha Wakefield. Inspired by the ever changing beauty of the ocean and by a sense of wanderlust for places not yet explored. Each piece is designed and handmade by Natasha in her studio in the beautiful northern beaches of Sydney, using original sea smoothed beach glass hand collected from beaches around the world along with sterling silver and natural materials.
 Natasha has kindly made a beautiful piece of jewellery exclusively for ILA. The seahorse will not be found anywhere else and it is beautiful. You can visit Natasha's website here:
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Liz Jackson is the founder of Ocean Mantra jewellery and accessories and creates these by drawing on her inspiration from the world around her, including beautiful marine life, flaura and fauna.
Complemented by her travels and having lived in London, Italy and now Australia her pieces are international and globally inspired.
Created from quality sterling silver and solid silver with 18 carat gold plating, Ocean Mantra designs are lovingly crafted using carefully sourced materials. The range of gemstones with which we design are all naturally derived, and include amethyst, citrine, aquacalcite, carnelian, green onyx and rose quartz. Ocean Mantra jewellery and accessories are designed in Australia and handmade internationally.
Ocean Mantra donates 10% of profits to the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS).
We want to give you jewellery and accessories that inspire your life, and make a positive contribution to the world around us.


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inspired by the beauty our coastal town has on offer, clear turquoise waters, tranquil lagoons, white sandy beaches, warm summer’s, romantic sunsets, winter shores, rolling waves and fresh salty air… its not just about our products, its about embracing the essence of our lifestyle”

 I started this adventure back in 2009 when my husband was involved in a serious accident which left him unable to return to work at his qualified trade. I was a brand new mum with my first child, a husband in recovery and a mortgage and bills to pay.

With our love of the beach, a passion for interior design and all things nice, I created Luminessence. Our newest release of products, “capturing the scent of the sea” embraces our beautiful relaxed coastal lifestyle.

We hope you love and enjoy our products as much as we do, as we pour our heart and soul into every product that we make.

Jade xo

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