Emerald Pools Crystal & Seashell Mix
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Our Emerald Pools Crystal and Seashell Mix is so named because its full of lovely deep emerald greens found in cooling ocean pools.

This mix is pretty as a picture with a gorgeous array of shell and crystal shapes, colours and finishes. Discover an abundance of greens and whites from an emerald green agate slice to luminescent pearl shells in your stunning collection.

Your crystal collection will consist of:

1 x Emerald Green Agate Slice (approx 8cm) a crystal chosen for improving concentration and perception, soothing and security.

1 x very large Green Fuchsite tumble chosen for encouragement, protection and revitalisation.

1 x Green Aventurine Heart (approx 3cm) chosen for creativity, confidence and success.

Large New Jade Tumbles chosen for cleansing, balance and good luck.

Large Malachite Tumbles chosen for protection, empowerment and empathy.

Large Green Flourite Tumbles chosen for focus, clarity and opportunity.

Large Moss Agate Tumbles chosen for balance, expression and connection to earth.

Large Green Aventurine Tumbles.

Mini Green Flourite Tumbles.

You will receive incredibly beautiful Green Polished Trochus Shells (approx 5cm diameter) along with gorgeous large white unicorn shells (approx 8cm in length) mingled amongst a beautiful mixture of pearled and natural shells that complement the amazing crystals chosen for this mix.

This lovely crystal and shell mix will arrive nestled in a linen bag.

* PRE-ORDERS will take approximately 2 weeks from the date of order until it is ready for delivery.

The mix could differ slightly from the pictures shown dependent upon the shells and crystals available to us but you will receive the same value of crystals and shells as is in this mix.

Mindful Sourcing of Shells and Marine Life:

We support the company that supports the oceans. My supplier collects shells that are abundant, commercial-grade shells.  The shells we sell have originally been collected for food or are the by-product of licensed fishing and aquaculture operations. This means we get to share and enjoy shells that would otherwise be waste.

I source my shells from a company that are mindful of their overseas harvesters and use fair trade practices. They have voluntarily committed to an industry Stewardship Action Plan to adapt responsibly to working in a marine environment and also contribute to scientific research projects and participate in government initiatives. In November 2008, the fishery was presented internationally as an example of the world’s best practice in ecologically sustainable fisheries management.

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