Azura Diffuser 200ml

Azura Diffuser 200ml
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White tipped waves splashing over rocks creates an invigorating ocean mist with this Mediterranean inspired scent - a tantalising blend of crisp aquatic elements balancing earthy notes.

Made with 90% fragrance oil, this diffuser will last up to 6 months.

Created with marine, sea salt & oak moss.

Staff Review: I first discovered this scent at the Sydney Trade Fair and it's amazing fragrance never left me. I could not get my mind off this one and it stuck with me. I even went back a couple of times just to smell it again.To me this scent merges the gap perfectly between feminine and masculine in fragrance. I think any man would be happy to have this fragrance in his bedroom, office or home and yet it is not so overwhelmingly masculine that us girls would be put off by it. It is fresh and clean and truly does transport you to the ocean. 

Also available in a candle for the home and a convenient travel candle in a great little travel case - making it a great gift. 

Scented Space® is an Australian family-owned market leader in the creation, development and distribution of innovative home fragrance products worldwide. Selling in over 34 countries world-wide it all began three decades ago.

Their fragrances are developed by top perfumers from around the world, with a superior formulation which contains 90% fragrance oil, no added water and no artificial colours. An unrivaled formulation, ensuring you get the best value for money.

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