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Exciting New Directions for Island Living Australia

Indulge your event or photo shoot with hand-selected products and services for hire.

Island Living Australia (ILA) has been up and sailing now for 5 years which is a big deal for a small online business. We’ve sourced beautiful, coastal-themed products for thousands of happy customers, and donated thousands of dollars to our nominated charities

Like any successful business, change and disruption is key to staying afloat, and so it’s time to navigate through some slightly unchartered oceans.

Whilst maintaining my focus on providing quality products to you all, I’ve now decided to include Product and Service Hire as part of ILA’s catalogue. 

How did the change come about?

As a small girl, every summer holiday was spent on the coast and I would design my very own rock pool in a clear chinese container with colourful shells, seaweed and sand. Christmas time was the best, with all the tinsel, baubles, glitz and glam. As a teen, I’d pull my bedroom apart, rearrange, redesign, and steal flowers from the garden. My interior design was probably childish, but it was mine. I created it. I enjoyed the journey, and I loved the end product.

As I grew older, I became aware of beautiful designs all around me. Beautifully presented parties with coloured balloons and brightly iced cupcakes. White, pink and honey coloured seashells by the beach covered in intricate patterns. I would notice how perfectly designed lolly shops could give a sense of nostalgia, a coastal restaurants decor could transport me to a tropical island or a glamorous hotel lobby could make me feel elegant as I walked through the space.

I took notice of how different spaces would make me feel.  Magical. Whimsical. Calm. Considered.  I’d observe how colours had the power to invoke positive feelings of fun, of activity, or of serenity. Sometimes the room would invoke a negative reaction too. It might be stark, forbidding and unintentionally cold. A feeling that would sometimes come over me during the long days and hours in hospital when my son was receiving treatment for leukemia.

The tangible link between the design of one’s surrounding and their emotional well being and unconscious reaction has been studied extensively. This realisation prompted my decision to pursue Interior Design studies, and I’ve finally got past some ‘life’ delays and made it my reality!

How is this even related to hiring?

Simply because when we are charged with creating an event - no matter the occasion, one of our first thoughts tend to be about how we want our guests to feel. We want to create a certain atmosphere and have a certain look. Our guests will notice and appreciate that we took care and consideration with our selections and that all our choices have been thoughtfully contemplated. No matter how small or large our event, we are always chasing a certain feeling and one way we can do this is by hand-picking our decor to match the emotional response we are pursuing.

More about my new offering

Directly aligned with my career pursuit is the offering of quality products and services for hire as part of the ILA catalogue. I’ve hand-selected a collection of coastal themed products which I will continue to grow, and I’ve collaborated with some industry partners to also offer additional services.

In my catalogue, you’ll see a custom macrame arch tastefully and elegantly decorated with shells and starfish, string lights, plates, baskets, clams, beautiful shells and more. Maybe for your event, or maybe for your own creative photography pursuits. Stay tuned as I will be adding to this collection.


You’ll find the services of a talented photographer who has a beautiful portfolio of weddings and family photos.

I’ll be offering standard as well as custom-designed macrame hangings and accessories, handcrafted by a creative artisan.

Also, Graphic Design services for your invitations, cards and flyers.

And finally, I’m offering the ability to personalise your experience via an in-house laser-etching and laser-cutting service. Maybe you’re getting married and would like glass goblets or vases etched. Or an engagement party on the beach where our personalised timber tables can host your wine and cheese. Cake Toppers, Chopping boards. We can etch perspex, and even leather.

Supporting our community

Consistent with ILA’s proud history, we’ll continue to donate 5% of all hire sales to charity.

And proudly, all of our service providers are true blue Aussies. Like me, they also love the beach! 

I’d absolutely love your feedback on this new offering! I am completely open to your ideas and custom requests as I pursue a slightly new direction for ILA. This has been 18 months in the making – from idea conception through collaboration and launch, and it’s an exciting milestone for me, for my business partners, and for my charities.

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