Saved from War

artisan baby swing civil war crochet fair trade fair trade swing hand crafted macrame natural nicaragua swing

You know those sweet baby swings that I keep stocked in my store? I just love them and I'm not alone as they are one of the most popular items in store. But they have a dark side to them. How often do you give a second thought to the things you buy? Do you ever look at your hand crafted purchase and wonder about the people that made them? Below is a video of 17 year old Daniel who together with his sister Karen who is 19, their mother Elena and uncles all make the macrame baby swings. Just...

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You Should Write a Book

So many people who know my story have told me that I should write a book. I often reply with a laugh that nobody would believe me if I did. I open up about my life and my family. The journey that brought me here and the heart breaking moments along the way. Why I do what I do and a glimpse into my future plans.

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